Episode #4 Questions
1. When was Guru Amar Das Ji born?
2. Who were the parents of Guru Amar Das Ji?
3. Name the wife (mehal) of Guru Amardas Ji
4. How many children did Guru Amar Das Ji have and what are their names?
5. Before becoming Guru, how many years did Guru Amardas Ji serve Guru Angad Dev Ji with
complete devotion?
6. What was the age of Guru Amardas Ji when he met Guru Angad Dev Ji?
7. For twelve years, each day Guru Angad Dev Ji walked to get water for bathing of Guru Angad
Dev Ji. Name the river where he collected the water from
8. After taking the responsibility of Guruship, which city did Guru Amardas Ji founded?
9. Where was Guru Amardas Ji born (parkash)?
10. To whom was Bibi Amaro Ji (the daughter of Guru Angad Dev Ji) married to?
11. Who did Guru Amardas Ji hear the hymns of Gurbani from?
12. When did Guru Angad Dev Ji transfer the “eternal light” to Guru Amardas Ji?
13. What is a “baoli”?
14. When did Guru Amardas Ji complete the “baoli” (well) with 84 steps in Goinwal?
15. “Masand’s Pratha (system of preachers) was established by which Guru Ji?
16. What is “satti”?
17. Who opposed the practice of “satti”?
18. In which year did Guru Amardas Ji become “joti-jot”?
19. Name the three special days declared by Guru Amardas Ji when all the Sikhs from far and near
places were to congregate at Guru’s place?
20. The wearing of “purdah” was not welcome at Guru Darbar. What is “purdah”?
21. When and where did Emperor Akhbar visit Guru Amardas Ji?
22. Which emperor ate “Guru Ka Langar” and sit in the same pangat with other Sikh followers?
23. Emperor Akhbar offered revenue from a village for “Guru Ka Langar”. Why did Guru Amardas Ji
refuse this?
24. What was the norm for a devotee to have “Darshan” of Guru Amardas Ji?
25. What does it mean to sit in a row equally with others while partaking in “Guru Ka Langar”?
26. Guru Amar Das is the author of one of five Banis recited daily by devout Sikhs. Name that Bani
and how many Pauris this Bani is composed of?
27. How many hymns are contributed by Guru Amar Das ji in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji?
28. When the size of the Sikh Congregation was increasing, what administrative and preaching
system for better serving the sangat was established by Guru Amar Das ji?
29. How did Guru Amar Das ji abolish the caste system and bring equality among devotees?
30. Name the daughter of Guru Amar Das ji who was married to Guru Ram Das ji?
31. When Baba Amar Das Ji’s soul started searching for the True Guru, on one of the “Amrit Vela”
Baba Amar Das ji listened to the Divine Hymn which brought closer to that pious goal. Name any
two lines from that Hymn and who was reciting?
32. Baba Amar Das ji accompanied Bibi Amro ji to have a Divine Darshan of Guru Angad Ji. Which
place they go to and what year?
Episode #4 Answers
1. 1479
2. Father: Bhai Tej Bhan Ji. Mother: Mata Sulkhani  Ji or Mata Bhakat Devi as per some historians
3. Bibi Mansa Devi Ji
4. Four children. Sons: Baba Mohan Ji & Baba Mohri Ji. Daughters: Bibi Daani Ji & Bibi Bhani Ji
5. 12 years
6. 61 years old
7. River Beas
8. Goindwal Sahib
9. Village Basarke District Amritsar
10. The nephew of Guru Amardas Ji
11. Bibi Amaro Ji
12. 1552
13. A well with a number of steps proceeding down to the water lever
14. 1559 AD
15. Guru Amardas Ji
16. The practice of burning the widow alive on her husband’s funeral. Pyre is known as “satti”, either voluntarily or was thrown into the fire without her consent.
17. Guru Amardas Ji
18. 1574 AD
19. 1. Baisakhi (April 13th) 2. Maghi (1st day of month “magha” – mid Jan) 3. Diwali (Oct.-Nov.)
20. Wearing of a veil by women
21. In 1567 AD, at Goindwal Sahib
22. Emperor Akhbar
23. “Guru Ka Langar” must be supported by the community and depend only on the offerings of the devotees.
24. Followers have to partake in “Guru Ka Langar” first and then go to the Darbar Sahib
25. Everyone is equal to one another regardless of color, caste and creed
Episode #3 Questions
1. What was another name that Guru Angad Dev Ji was known as?
2. Name the Guru who started the teaching of “Gurmukhi” lipi (script)?
3. Where and when was Bhai Lehna Ji born (parkash)?
4. Name the parents of Bhai Lehna Ji
5. Who was Guru Angad Dev Ji married to?
6. Which Gursikh did Bhai Lehna Ji hear a hymn of Guru Nanak Di Bani that touched him so
deeply making him desire to meet the true Guru.
7. Name the children of Guru Angad Dev Ji
8. Name the only woman whoe name has been mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
9. In which year did Guru Nanak Dev Ji transfer the divine light to Guru Angad Dev Ji?
10. How many years did Bhai Lehna Ji dedicate himself to the service of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
before taking the responsibility of Guruship?
11. Guru Nanak Dev Ji began a systematic trial of his follower’s devotion including his sons.
Name the Gurskh who proved to be worthy of Guruship.
12. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji addressed Bhai Lehna Ji and said “between thee and me, there
is no difference. Thou art verily ‘Angad’. In this sentence, what does ‘Angad’ mean?
13. Where did Guru Angad Dev Ji stay during the years that Guru Amardas Ji served him?
14. What year did Guru Angad Dev Ji become “joti-jot” (immersed in the eternal light)?
15. At the age of 76 years old in 1582, Mata Khivi Ji departed from this worldly life. Which
Guru Ji went to Khadur Sahib to pay respects to Mata Khivi Ji at that time?
16. Mata Khivi Ji served langar to sangat with great dedication. Name the Bhatt who uttered
the saviyaee for seva in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
17. State/recite the lines from Sri Guru Granth Saahib Ji regarding the langar seva of Mata
18. Where did Guru Angad Dev Ji stay during the years that Guru Amardas Ji served him?
19. Which Guru opened the school and taught “Gurmukhi Lipi” (script) to children as well as
20. The new script was called “Gurmukhi”. What does Gurmukhi mean?
21. What new name did Guru Angad Dev Ji give to the new alphabet?
22. In which script did Guru Angad Dev Ji write down the hymns of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and
his own compositions?
23. To whom did Guru Angad Dev Ji transfer the “Eternal light” to before becoming “joti-
jot” and what year did this occur?
24. In order to spread the message of Sikhi further, Guru Angad Dev Ji directed Guru
Amardas Ji to go to which town?
25. How many years did Guru Angad Dev Ji serve humanity as Guru Ji?
26. Which town did Guru Angad Dev Ji make his headquarters for propagating the tenants
of the Sikh religion?
27. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji transferred the eternal light to Guru Angad Dev Ji, which town
did Guru Nanak Dev Ji advise Guru Angad Dev ji to go to?
Episode #3 Answers
1. BhaiLehnaJi
2. GuruAngadDevJi
3. Village:Harike,Punjab.Year:1504(March31st)
4. Father:PheruMal,Mother:MataDayaJi
5. Mata Khivi Ji, A native of ‘matte di sarai’
6. Bhai Jodh of Khadur Sahib
7. 2sons:BhaiDatuandBhaiDasuJi.2daughters:BibiAmroJiandBibi
Anokhi Ji
8. MataKhiviJi
9. 1539
10.7 years from 1532-1539
11.Bhai Lehna Ji
12.A part of Ang of the body and Guru Nanak Dev Ji has declared that his soul
would migrate into the body of Angad. 13.Khadur Sahib
15.Guru Arjan Dev Ji
16.Bhat Balwand Ji 17.
18.Khadur Sahib
19.Guru Angad Dev Ji
20.From the mouth of the Guru 21.Gurmukhi
23.Guru Amar Das Ji, in 1552 24.Goindwal Sahib
25.12.5 years (twelve and a half years) 26.Khadur Sahib
27.Khadur Sahib
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Balavandd Kheevee Naek Jan Jis Bahuthee Shhaao
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  ???? ????? ? (
   Pathraalee ||.
 Langar Dhoulath Vanddeeai Ras Anmrith Kheer
 Ghiaalee ||)
Episode #2 Questions: Local WA
1. Which year and what place Guru Nanak has “Prakash” ?
2. Name the parents of Guru Nanak .( Worldly Mother and Father)
3. Who was the “Mehal”(wife) of Guru Nanak ?
4. Who were Bhai Jai Ram and Bebey Naanki ?
5. How many children did Guru Nanak have and their names?
6. What were Guru Nanak’s travel called and how many times he departed for those travels?
7. Name the person who accompanied Guru Nanak and played the instrument while Guru Nanak
do the Kirtan.
8. What other name was given to the Gurudwara by Guru Nanak?
9. Who is Bhai Laalo?
10. When and where Guru Nanak become “Joti-Jot” ?
11. To whom Guru Nanak transferred the “Divine Light” in 1539 A.D.
12. Who was the local official in Sayyadpur whose invitation for feast was rejected by Guru Nanak.
13. Sri Guru Granth Sahib start with the mathematical number ?. What it means?
14. When Guru Nanak’s father gave 20 Rupees to Guru ji to do trade for profit, what Guru Nanak do
with that money and what it is known as in the history.
15. Who is the Author of “Mool Mantar” ?
16. How many “podis” are within JapJi Sahib?
17. Which place does Guru Nanak Dev Ji manage the Modi Khana?
18. Which mountain did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet the renound siddhas?
19. Which bani in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji holds the dialogues of Guru Nana Dev Ji and “Sidhas”?
20. Who did Guru Nanak Dev Ji hand over his collection of Banis to?
Episode #2 Answers: Local WA
1. 1469 at Rai Bhoi di Talwandi also now known as Nankana Sahib.
2. Father: Mehta Kalu ji Mother: Mata Tripata ji
3. Mata Sulkhani ji
4. Bebey Nanki- sister, Bhai Jai Ram- Bebey, Nanki’s Husband
5. Two sons: Baba Sri Chand ji Baba Lakhmi Das ji
6. Udaasis and 4
7. Bhai Mardana ji
8. Dharamshal
9. Devoted Sikh of Guru ,Nanak who earned an honest living as carpenter and was living in Sayyadpur ( Now called Eminabad). Guru Nanak stayed at his home.
10. In 1539 at Kartarpur
11. Guru Angad Dev ji
12. Malik Bhago
13. God is one ( The number in mathematical term can not be wrongly interpreted.
14. Did Seva of Langar and feed hungry “Sadhus” . Also known as “Sacha Saudha”.
15. Guru Nanak
16. 38 Podis
17. Sultanpur, Punjab
18. Kailash Parbat also known as Sumer Parbat
19. Sidh Ghosht
20. Guru Angad Dev Ji
Episode #1 Questions
1. Name the present Guru of the Sikhs
2. Name the four Sahebzadas
3. Who was the eldest Sahebzada
4. Who was the youngest Sahebzada
5. Name the Sahebzadas who were bricked alive
6. Name the Sahebzadas who achieved martyrdom in the battlefield
of Chamkaur
7. When & where was the Khalsa Panth created
8. What name did Guru Gobind Singh Ji give to the newly created
Sikh Community
9. Name the five 'K's that every Sikh must always possess
10. Who is the spiritual father of all Sikhs (Khalsas)
11. Who is the spiritual mother of all Sikhs (Khalsas)
12. What is the native place of all Sikhs (Khalsas)
13. What is the Sikh Salutation
14. What is the Sikh Jaikara
15. What is the literal meaning of the word 'Sikh’
Episode #1 Answers
1. Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Guru Panth Khalsa 2.
• Baba Ajit Singh Ji (1687 - 1704)
• Baba Jujhar Singh Ji (1689 - 1704)
• Baba Zorawar Singh Ji (1696 - 1704)
• Baba Fateh Singh Ji (1698 - 1704)
3. Baba Ajit Singh Ji
4. Baba Fateh Singh Ji
• Baba Fateh Singh Ji
• Baba Zorawar Singh Ji 6.
• Baba Ajit Singh Ji
• Baba Jujhar Singh Ji
7. It was created on the day of Vaisakhi (March 30) of the year 1699 at Kesgarh Saheb, Anandpur by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
8. Khalsa Panth
• Kes (unshorn hair)
• Kangha (comb)
• Kirpan (knife / sword)
• Kaccha (short breeches)
• Kara (wrist band / bangle)
10. Guru Gobind Singh Ji
11. Mata Saheb Kaur Ji
12. Anandpur Saheb
13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
14. Jo Boley So Nihaal
Sat Sri Akaal
15. Disciple
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